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She grabbed her coffee cups by the mouth just like she did with everything else She was just that kind of woman you know the type to cut off your legs without thinking because that’s what had happened to her yet she was still the embodiment of power and she didn’t understand that not everybody was quite that strong She was a whirlwind and a maze made of rose bushes complete with all the thorns and the flowers She was a wild thing whole and full of fire not to be contained yet in one of her many burning rages she’d built herself a wrought iron cage with a door only big enough to let half of her leave so she stayed and bruised her gorgeously vicious fingers each evening on the harsh, cold bars when she shook them and rammed them with her whole body all the while suffocating not only on the metal which was now her home but also on the half of her she’d grown herself that half of her who built the the trap that half she loved too much to let go of even if it meant she wouldn’t roam free for a long long while.

San o Jednoj Zeni
27/11/2015 16:53